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FUNDDATEC is a private non-profit foundation, whose work is carried out by the volunteers formed by the members that make up our Board of Trustees, being declared a Public Utility Entity, and as such it has been carrying out projects since the year 2000 with the aim of helping groups disadvantaged with the help of tools in Education, Culture and Technology.

Since January 2016, it is a member of the most important Sustainability initiative in the world, the United Nations Global Compact, in the dissemination of its 10 Principles and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with the 2030 Agenda as its goal.


Since our foundation in 2000 we have been clear that as companies we can contribute socially by contributing to the achievement of a better world, we are committed to innovative projects that have a short-term impact on our society.

We are always open to collaboration with other entities, foundations and NGOs as a formula to obtain better results in our missions to help society.



We have always had the desire to support children and young people, especially those who have different needs and/or are at risk of exclusion, but whenever we see the need for help, we focus our projects on other groups, such as women in areas rural, unaccompanied foreign minors MENAS, to gender equality or childhood obesity.

Business collaboration and contribution to companies so that they develop their Social Responsibility is a priority objective.